Trusted Peer Exchange

Never lose your bitcons to scammers again ever! traders can onter into cryptographic contracts to carry out bitcoin exchanges. The process is trusted but you never have to trust a person or company. This is because mediators on coinsigner are bound to only pronounce judgment by comparing contract terms between traders and evidence of contract fulfillment.

Unlimited Transaction

What limit? There is no such thing as a limit here at coinsigner. We are even partially blind as to what you are exchanging. All we do is mediate bitcoins. So exchange as much money to your heart desire when you use this service together with others to realize the decentralized bitcoin exchange functionality.

Lowest Fees Ever

Enjoy the lowest fees when using Some fees may be waived completely if you qualify during our early beta period. Fees are necessary to incentivize our mediators otherwise we can't realize a mediated signing service on a large scale.

Enjoy Privacy

We do not store any money and neither do we store any bitcoins here. We only sign transaction that you do directly with your buyer. So there is no need for us to know anything more than a username and an email to identify and tie you to a pre-signed bitcoin transaction agreement; Your bitcoin contract.

Feedbacks & Questions

We'd love to hear from you. Write us about questions, inquiries, concerns...We are here to help. Otherwise enjoy the Mediated Signing Service & Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Functionality

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